The Mysterious Phenomenon of Psychoenergetic Reversal

One of the most significant contributions to the field of psychology is what Dr. Roger J. Callahan coined psychological reversal. This phenomenon is confounding to the intellect, even though everyone has experienced it to varying degrees. Psychoenergetic reversal (PR) (a term that I believe more accurately defines the phenomenon), is a form of self-sabotage that can block you from accomplishing your most important dreams. When psychoenergetic reversal is present, you will ultimately fail in your selected pursuit. Regardless of how determined and persistent you are in striving for change, you will be frustrated and ultimately foiled. In the energy psychology community, we believe that psychoenergetic reversal affects both psychological and medical treatments. But psychoenergetic reversal is not limited to healing issues. You can be reversed academically, athletically, socially or in any other context.

So, just what is psychoenergetic reversal?

To say the least, psychoenergetic reversal is paradoxical. The primary paradox about PR is corroborated by manual muscle testing. Let’s look at an example. John’s doctor has told him if he does not start exercising, he is at risk for developing diabetes and heart disease. This wake up call gets John’s attention. He commits to start exercising and joins a gym. If I were to muscle test John on the statement, “I want to exercise,” his arms would go weak! If I were to muscle test John on the statement, “I don’t want to exercise,” his arms would be strong as steel. Why is this paradoxical? Because there is no logical reason for John to muscle test strong on not wanting to exercise — it doesn’t make sense. And yet, virtually everyone has struggled with this same experience from time to time. You are psychoenergetically reversed when your actions are in conflict with your conscious, intentional desires.

Energy psychologists theorize that this phenomenon is what occurs with psychoenergetic reversal. The flow of your electromagnetic or chi energy, which is intimately coupled with a particular thought field, will be energetically opposed or reversed. When this happens, there is a disconnection between your chi energy and the energy that generates your thinking (i.e., consciousness). The result is self-sabotage.

How and why does this happen? I believe it is the result of long-term conditioning or negative reinforcement of a specific part of our life that has been perpetuated over time. Consequently, we become habituated to think about ourselves in a certain way.

When I start working on a new intention with a client, I always test for psychoenergetic reversal. I want my clients to know that they are absolutely, energetically congruent from the very start. If during treatment I detect that a client resists continuing on our chosen path, I retest for PR. With knowledge and awareness of the phenomenon of psychoenergetic reversal, you can easily circumvent client resistance to successful treatment.

Dynamic Energetic Healing® is an outstanding therapeutic healing model that continues to evolve. Psychoenergetic reversal, and its attendant self-sabotage, is just one of the many barriers to successful therapeutic outcomes that Dynamic Energetic Healing® has demonstrated to consistently resolve.