Bach Flower Essences for Self-Care


Dr. Edward Bach was a bacteriologist who practiced in London in the early 1900s. He was called to work with plants after reading Samuel Hahnemann’s book, Organon of Medicine, which was about homeopathy. In 1930 he left his private practice in London to follow his spiritual nature and wandered the countryside, connecting with the healing properties of the plants, flowers and trees. There is much more to his fascinating story but one might say he was truly one of the first holistic physicians to make a major impact in the West. He collected plant material that he realized had vibrational qualities to balance mental and emotional disharmonies within individuals. After leaving the plant material in spring water energized by the sun for a few days, he strained out the plant material and was left with the first flower essences that he began to use with his patients instead of injecting bacteria into their bodies. He believed that plants are healing and their vibrational essence counteract a host of human problems. The plant Centaury, for instance, is indicated for helpers and caregivers who have difficulty establishing interpersonal boundaries and saying NO to other people. The process is subtle but is a wonderful example of our long-term relationship with plants used for healing purposes. With Bach Flower Essences you don’t ingest the plant material but absorb it’s vibrational essence which initiates change at the energetic level of your being. The transformational process is gentle and gradual, providing you time to integrate the changes and discover your behavior becoming more in accord with your intentions. I will list some of the other key flower essences that Edward Bach collected over time. Though many Americans have not heard of them, they are widely distributed and used in over sixty-six countries around the world.

Posted by Howard Brockman, LCSW

June 28, 2012

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  • […] Flower essences help to support our health and well-being by working on the vibrational healing level much like homeopathic remedies. Dr. Edward Bach  is well known for popularizing this gentle and effective approach by developing his 38 Bach flower remedies in the early 1900s in England. Initially a bacteriologist, he was concerned about the side-effects of many chemical drugs and was led to research and collect flowering plants and trees and distill their “essence” through the combination of sunlight and water. His research and the personal experiences of millions of people who use his remedies reflect a successful catalyst to alleviate the underlying emotional causes of stress in our lives. For more information, you can click on this link to one of my earlier blog posts. […]

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