27 Reader Benefits

of Dynamic Energetic Healing® by Howard Brockman

1.         Learn a variety of easy-to-use energy psychology strategies for stress management.

2.         Discover the key for living an intentional life.

3.         Receive a new understanding of the complexity of PTSD within the context of Dynamic Energetic Healing®.

4.         Establish protective “energetic boundaries” with the most problematic people you know.

5.         Learn how manual muscle testing provides a direct pipeline to your soul.

6.         Permanently release the persistent and residual effects of trauma.

7.         Find out how “soul loss” is one of the most serious consequences of trauma.

8.         Read about how past lives have been empirically validated.

9.         Uncover what is necessary for a paradigm shift to experience “other realities”.

10.      Discover “dreamtime” and why it is so crucial to integrate into the psychotherapy context.

11.      Learn about shamanic healing practices.

12.      Learn to access inner spiritual resources and raise your vibrational frequency.

13.      Learn the protocol to ensure your connection to Source or Creator.

14.      Find out how to use a Tibetan bell to balance stagnant emotional energy.

15.      Learn about psycho-toxic energy and how to avoid its negative influence.

16.      Find out how a regular energetic practice such as Qi Gong or meditation can awaken your extrasensory or psychic abilities.

17.      Discover alternatives to the dangers and devastating side effects of antidepressants.

18.      Find out how to clear the energetic origins of trauma patterns that collapse the entire trauma-laden matrix of PTSD symptoms.

19.      Understand what it means to be fully embodied.

20.      Discover the harmful consequences of not being fully embodied and what you can do about it.

21.      Find out the destructive long-term consequences of common “curses”.

22.      Learn about trainings to become a certified Dynamic Energetic Healing® facilitator.

23.      Learn how to eliminate binding trauma, enabling you to live an intentional life.

24.      Discover that you have an “energy body” as well as a physical body that can be exercised and strengthened, resulting in glowing health and extraordinary well-being.

25.      Learn how to move between the worlds of everyday “normal” reality and non-ordinary reality, the spiritual realms where your guardian angel or spiritual guide can be found.

26.      Learn techniques and benefits for clearing your space from residual energy left by others.

27.      Discover energetic techniques for preventing professional burnout.

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