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My daily experience as a psychotherapist generates amazing awarenesses that I deeply want to share with others. There is one problem. While I am always careful to never compromise confidentiality of any of my clients, the major shifts that clients experience is through the DEH psychotherapeutic process and that involves spiritual and energetic assistance from compassionate spirits, that is if you believe in core shamanic practices. The problem is that if you ask most people if they know what shamanism is, they will tell you no, or describe it incorrectly. Since much of what ends up transpiring as the way that old psychotoxic energy left over from traumatic events is completely released from clients through shamanic means, most people simply will not be able to relate to this. Yet, to consider what kind of advanced mathematics and physics is necessary for our space probes to be launched and directed to map the surface of planets like Mars and Venus is also very difficult for most people to be able to relate to. We get the evidence as the photos are posted on NASA’s website but this is what we are left with to believe they are in-fact doing these remarkable scientific ventures. Plotting and maintaining the course trajectory of space craft to other planets is reserved for an elite few who have studied and trained for this remarkable ability. So it is with interdimensional (versus intergalactic) travel and this is what shamans traditionally have done. It may seem easy to dismiss since Hollywood has exploited the viewers’ fears about supernatural violence done to innocent teens and new occupants of old houses. Nonetheless, the clients I work with who are open to energetic influences profit greatly from the visions I share as compassionate beings from another dimension of reality influence in healing ways their need to recover from overwhelming life experiences. I am grateful I have followed my heart’s destiny and following my inner promptings to pursue these practices and cultivate these mysterious and wonderful relationships with beings who are not corporeal but always willing to help those in need. So there, I have admitted to this strange and wonderful disposition that I tend not to talk about too much because it is intensely personal and no one likes to open themselves to criticism, but ours is a world of ongoing experience that is constantly unfolding in unknown directions. I often reflect and wonder, how did I end up with these skills and interests? That answer is yet to be discovered.

Howard Brockman

Posted February 12, 2012

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Howard Brockman, LCSW is one of the top psychotherapists and counselors in Salem Oregon for over 32 years. Howard has authored two popular books: Dynamic Energetic Healing and Essential Self-Care for Caregivers and Helpers. To learn more about Howard Brockman, please visit the full bio.

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