Shamanism Workshops

Dynamic Energetic Healing® International™ Curriculum

Shamanism Training: Spring of 2012

Lower World Journeys: TBA
Location: 1620 Commercial St SE, Salem, OR 97302


Upper World Journeys: TBA
Location: 1620 Commercial St SE, Salem, OR 97302

  • Learn and practice the time honored shamanic journey method
  • Experience non-ordinary reality in a safe, supervised manner
  • Find out how core shamanic practices are relevant for 21st century humans
  • Establish alliances with power animals and guardian spirits
  • Experience the gifts that compassionate spirits wish to bestow upon you
  • Open up to True Power that is the energy of Love as embodied by the compassion of the helping spirits
  • Discover the unique healing gifts that are part of your divine purpose that your soul came into this lifetime with
  • Find out how to access the power and wisdom of your ancestral spirits
  • Learn about the spirits of nature and how to work with them
  • Find out how the spirits are available for problem solving and healing your own pain and suffering
  • Begin using shamanic assessment for diagnostic purposes with clients and friends

Cost is $100 per day. (Due to space restrictions, only 14 participants per session will be accepted. DEH™ trainees will be given preference.)

Shamanism Workshops

I am now offering on-going training in core shamanic practices as an integral part of becoming a successful DEH® Certified Professional™. Creating alliances with the compassionate spirits provides enormous benefits for enhanced intuition, energetic sensitivity and the integration of spiritual power into the psychotherapy context. Most importantly, your deepening connections to your compassionate spirits provides increasing ease in your ability to shapeshift in and out of rapidly-changing awareness states as well as move in and out of “dreamtime.” Learning how to move between the worlds (or ordinary and nonordinary reality or dreamtime), brings great transformative power into the change process while facilitating DEH™ sessions. Additionally, creating spiritual alliances paves the way for having a co-therapist (if you are in the healing professions) or a readily available guide providing support and protection whenever needed.

Throughout the year, interspersed with formal DEH™ trainings, Dynamic Energetic Healing® International™ will provide beginning, intermediate and advanced weekend trainings in core shamanic practices. Most of these trainings will be single day-long trainings occurring over consecutive months for on-going continuity.

Classes offered will include the following:

  • Out of body journey into non-ordinary reality
  • Directly interacting with spiritual beings to diagnose, heal and seek advice
  • Divination (including shamanic diagnosis and assessment)
  • Power animal retrieval (for augmenting personal power, particularly useful after a client has experienced profound trauma)
  • Soul retrieval (for finding and reintegrating split off parts that fled as a consequence of trauma)
  • Spiritual dismemberment and “re-memberment” (for purging of cumulative psycho- toxic energies absorbed from clients)
  • Extraction (for removing and eliminating psycho-toxic energy and intrusions)
  • Embodying spiritual power by merging with guardian spirits for healing purposes
  • Psychopomp work (alleviating the suffering of the dying or deceased)
  • Spirit releasement (removing earthbound spirit attachments—also referred to as depossession)
  • Connecting with and accessing the “elementals” of nature
  • Recruiting the power of the compassionate spirits to help heal the earth
  • Discovering your ancestral spirits for guidance and healing
  • Learn how to empower objects for healing through the agency of your helping spirits

Location is 1620 Commercial St. SE, Salem, OR 97302

Phone: 503-370-4546


Important Note: These trainings are open to non-professionals and individuals who are not trainees enrolled in Dynamic Energetic Healing®. However, permission must be given prior to registration.

Please send your requests for enrolling and new classes will be added when a minimum number of participants are registered.