Level VI Training

Dynamic Energetic Healing® International™ Curriculum

Level VI Training:(Dates TBA)
Salem, Oregon


Saturday Agenda

  • Create sacred space
  • Comprehensive review of the Dynamic Energetic Healing® protocol
  • Supervised practice in dyads
  • Sixth journeys—divination in dyads asking what your partner needs for success
  • The Dreaming Media Protocol and collective fields

Sunday Agenda

  • Create sacred space
  • Demonstration releasing an earth-bound spirit
  • Triadic practice releasing an earth-bound spirit
  • Integrating Dynamic Energetic Healing® into your  professional practice
  • Certification requirements


Trainees who complete levels I through VI are well on their way to achieving the designation of DEH Certified Professional™. There are some additional requirements to fulfill that require supervision and demonstrating proficiency in facilitating the work. For a complete description, you may click the requirements link. Completed Certification enables trainees to be on my web site as a designated Dynamic Energetic Healing® Certified Professional™, listed by state, to whom referrals will be made from clients seeking Dynamic Energetic Healing® Certified Professionals™. The prospects of sustaining a full-time private practice are enormously enhanced by going through this process with me.

  • Cost for levels I-V (each three days long) is $385.
  • An additional fee in Level IV for attorney seminar on ethics and liability issues.
  • Cost for level VI (two days long) is $285.