Dynamic Energetic Healing® International™ Curriculum

Level I Training: Next Training (Dates TBA)


Friday Agenda

Create a sacred space—identify and establish spiritual resources/ Introductions

Theoretical overview

  • Development and history of Dynamic Energetic Healing®
  • Development and history of energy psychology

Process oriented psychology (processwork)

  • The quantum potential
  • Second attention versus first attention (accessing dreamtime)
  • Developing the lucid state
  • The importance of an energetic practice

Core shamanism

  • Dreamtime
  • The helping spirits
  • The roles of the shaman

Why is dreamtime meaningful in the psychotherapeutic context?

  • Understanding the role of intention in Dynamic Energetic Healing®
  • Energetic boundaries
  • Psychoenergetic reversal and objections that block intentions (readiness issues)
  • Demonstration of establishing a collective (group) intention
  • Learn how to implement accurate and reliable manual muscle testing
  • Systemic energetic interference and how to correct for it

Saturday Agenda

  • Create sacred space
  • The shamanic journey—initial descent to the lower world
  • Basic interventions, including: EFT, NAEM, TAB, TAT, tapping the temporal curve, Tibetan bell, bowls, cymbals, focused prayer, mantra
  • Practice manual muscle testing basics to gain proficiency

Sunday Agenda

  • Create sacred space
  • Time for questions
  • Practicing EFT and NAEM with a SUDS self-rating scale
  • The chakras as an intervention
  • Demonstration using EFT
  • First steps for working on an intention (language, reversals and objections)
  • Dyadic practice


Trainees who complete levels I through VI are well on their way to achieving the designation of DEH Certified Professional™. There are some additional requirements to fulfill that require supervision and demonstrating proficiency in facilitating the work. For a complete description, you may click the requirements link. Completed Certification enables trainees to be on my web site as a designated Dynamic Energetic Healing® Certified Professional™, listed by state, to whom referrals will be made from clients seeking Dynamic Energetic Healing® Certified Professionals™. The prospects of sustaining a full-time private practice are enormously enhanced by going through this process with me.

  • Cost for levels I-V (each three days long) is $385.
  • An additional fee in Level IV for attorney seminar on ethics and liability issues.
  • Cost for level VI (two days long) is $285.